Expense management is vital for every business, especially as we head into the next recession. NLP and computer vision-based software makes it easier to analyze and manage spend. Here's how.
Using AI to process structured or semi-structured documents eliminates the need for manual data entry. Here's how LayoutLM has unlocked the latest…
Deepfakes are fake videos, audio clips, and text — generated by AI — that are deceptively real. Here is the latest on the technology.
TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users, rivaling competitors such as Instagram and YouTube. TikTok's artificial intelligence algorithm is key to…
GPT-3 is the best known text generation model on the market today but is expensive to use. Open source alternatives are now available. Here is a…
Guided by a few text-based commands from humans, DALL-E 2 not only generates but also edits digital images. Here is how it works and what it means for…
An overview of the general process, importance, and popular models of NLG.
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How to tag known entities (such as people and places) in text and why it matters.
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